A Household Smudging Consecration

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Cedar

Burning herbs or incense is a great way to cleanse small amounts of residual negative energy from a space. In many ways, smudging is considered to be an act of energetic neutralization.

To add an extra boost of protection to your home, smudge every room, drawer, and closet of your house. Walk in a deosil (clockwise) fashion in order to accomplish this. Sing a special song or recite an appropriate mantra while doing so.

Afterward, choose four sticks of allnatural incense and do the same thing. This time, however, venture outside your home (or apartment building), and make a full deosil circle around the property. Carefully place a stick of incense near the four corners of the house; ensure that they are secured, and be sure to check them later.

At each quadrant, offer prayers to the Watchtowers, the elements, the cardinal directions, and any local spirits or personal guides with whom you feel a kinship.

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