Weeding Our Spiritual Landscape Spell

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Orchid

Now, at the height of the summer season, many of us can find ourselves feeling burned-out from having too much to do and too many commitments. This is a spell to bring balance back to our lives.

First, take a black candle and use a small blade or wooden pick to carve it with symbols of all the things you wish to do but have no idea how to make time for. Then take a white candle and carve it with the things you’re currently managing. Light both candles and take turns dripping the wax from the black candle onto the white one, and vice versa, while chanting:

Show me where to pull the weed.
Show me where to plant the seed.
Show me where to find the time;
To fly, to soar, to make this mine!

Let the power peak, shooting it into the candles, then place them close together on your altar. Do some wax scrying, if desired, on how the candles melted. Extinguish the candles. Know that the divine is opening up space in your life for all of your most cherished wishes. Blessed be.

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