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Pre-Harvest Cooldown

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

One of the primary facets of my practice at this time of year is to work sympathetic magic aimed at cooling the heat of the sun so its intensity will not destroy the crops before they can be harvested and also because by this time, the summer heat has more than worn out its welcome.

To work this magic, place an orange or red candle within a cauldron to symbolize the power of the sun. Next, carefully pour water in the cauldron around the candle so it can still burn. Light the candle and allow it to continue to burn down until it reaches the water. As the water overtakes it and it begins to sputter, say:

Life-giving star of powerful force,
calm the heat, do not destroy.

To save the crops, our food source,
balance of water I employ.

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