Break a Habit

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

The Aquarius full moon is perfect for setting in motion positive changes that require a fresh perspective and an improved frame of mind, which includes breaking habits that no longer serve us.

Ideally under the light of the full moon, stand on the earth barefoot. Hold a glass bottle of water in both hands. Relax and center your mind. Get in touch with the energy of the habit you want to break. Feel or sense it as roots, cobwebs, or cords in your aura, attached to the habit. Mentally send this energy out of your body and into the water through your hands. When this feels complete, pour the water out onto the soil, feeling lighter and freer as you do so. Then safely light a stick of palo santo wood, and smudge your body. Feel and sense the smoke balancing, repairing, and recalibrating your energy field. Give thanks to the full moon.

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