Deep, Bright, Healing Spell

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Basil

Sometimes life gives us more than we can handle and we need to take some time to ourselves to relax and heal. Sometimes we can aggravate the situation by doing things that aren’t in our best interest (such as sugar bingeing or smoking too much when we’re hurting emotionally), and it can be difficult to find the strength to break those bad habits. For this spell, take a simple clear quartz crystal and program it to help give you strength by reminding you of your self-love and care. Program the crystal by holding it in your left (or most receptive) hand, then focus deeply, visualizing energy flowing from your right hand into the crystal in your left hand. While doing so, say:

Great goddess, make me strong now.
Great god, please make me brave.
Lord and Lady, help me remember
Whose life and love I save. 

For I am worth the effort,
For the gods have made me, so
I know that we can heal my life
And together, make me whole!

Keep the crystal on your person and visualize yourself healed and thriving, repeating the chant as necessary.

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