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Your Magic Wand

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Lavender

Today is the first day of the month of Hazel in the Celtic tree calendar. Hazel (or Coll, “the life force in you”) is associated with springs, wells, wisdom, and divination. It’s said that the best magic wands are made of hazel. If you live where hazel trees grow, ask a tree for a slender limb; otherwise, search online and find hazel wands for sale.

Whether you have a fresh limb or an already-made wand, your first task is to cleanse it. Cast your circle and sit inside it for this work. Use smudge to release old vibes from the wand and fresh or bottled water to wash it. Now decorate your wand with paint, beads, ribbons, or whatever you want to make it truly yours. Finally, dedicate your wand to the goddess or god to whom you feel closest. Use the wand the next time you cast a circle.

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