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Magical Honey

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lilac

Honey bees are associated with industriousness, productivity, teamwork, and business. Ethically collected honey is a perfect addition to spells for career advancement, finding employment, or just getting a lot of work done.

Place your jar of honey in the sun, and see how it glows with its own golden light. Imagine the sun beaming successful, industrious energy straight into the honey, heating it up with motivation and inspiration. With this strong, vibrant feeling in mind, use a permanent marker to write the words It is done! on the jar. You may choose different words to suit your specific situation, but this phrase covers the general sense of accomplishing workrelated goals.

Set aside the jar of honey for days when you need an extra push to be productive at work, before a job interview, or when you are overwhelmed. Add it to your morning coffee, cereal, toast, or tea to fortify you for the day.

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