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A Walk in the Sun

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle

Take a summer walk today. But remember to protect yourself; don’t walk when the summer sun is high. (One of the sun’s least welcome gifts is melanoma.) Go out close to dawn or dusk for your walk. Can you discern any changes in the light? How is the sunlight today different from what it was in February or May? One of the gifts of light is shadow. As you walk, look at the shadows around you. What do they reveal? Look at the shadow you cast. Do you cast a long shadow, either literally or metaphorically?

As you walk, greet the people you meet with a cheerful smile. Whisper blessings to the trees and plants. Notice that plants that seemed strong in June may be dry in August. Is there a lesson for us humans in the fact that some of Gaia’s green children thrive in full sun while others prefer the shade?

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