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To Gain Control of a Situation

Color of the day:  Ivory
Incense of the day:  Hyssop
Life gets chaotic sometimes, but we don’t have to surrender to the chaos. In fact, sometimes to do so would be disastrous. Today, with the moon in Scorpio, we can use the astrological influences available to seize control in these moments.
To cast this spell, you will need a blue candle in a holder. Light the candle and gaze into the flame. Focus on your breathing and the moment of stillness and silence at the end of each breath. Visualize the light from the candle expanding to reach every aspect of your life, leaving nothing untouched. Say:
Light of Scorpio, hear my claim.
I take control with this flame!
Chaos and confusion no longer to
reign, control is mine to obtain!
When you feel a sense of peace wash over you, your job is done. Blow out the candle and repeat as necessary.
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