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Goldenrod Bouquet

Color of the day:  Topaz
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

Goldenrod is a common weed that is easily found along roadsides and in fields in late summer. Its bright golden top makes it perfect for money and luck spells, and it looks pretty too.

Gather a bundle of goldenrod, anywhere from five to ten stalks. Get a vase of an appropriate size and fill it with water. Find a sunny spot to sit in, and lay the goldenrod pieces in front of you.

Pick up one stalk of goldenrod and hold it in the sunlight. The sun is like a golden coin beaming prosperous energy down onto the stalk. State something you wish to obtain, then place the plant in the vase.

Keep your intentions specific and simple, such as “money for dance lessons” or “new school clothes.” Repeat this process for all your stalks of goldenrod, then place the bouquet near your front door. Once the flowers wither, dispose of them outside, sending your wishes into the universe.

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