Alchemical Mercury, Sulfur, and Salt

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Pine

Western hermetic alchemical science has long acknowledged the elements of mercury, sulfur, and salt as the building blocks of life. Whether viewed physically or energetically, these elements are said to uphold all physical reality in varying degrees and combinations.

Light a black candle, a red candle, and a white candle in holders in front of you at dusk. Place the black one on your left, red in the middle, and white on your right.

On a small piece of paper, use red marker to write, I alchemize ____ into ____ , or one perceived negative into a perceived positive. For example, I alchemize fear into acceptance or I alchemize fatigue into alertness. Feel free to write as many affirmations as you wish.

Having cast your circle or called the powers that be, carefully burn the paper with a lick of each candle’s flame. Place its ashes on top of a small piece of tinfoil (representing mercury), and top it with a match (sulfur) and a sprinkle of salt. Crumple this all together. Declare your intentions and store the spell in a special secret place.

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