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National Trail Mix Day

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

It’s National Trail Mix Day! Mix up some delicious magic today by choosing trail mix ingredients according to your intentions, and empowering each one before you add it to the mix.

Of course, you’ll need some nuts and/or seeds: choose almonds for beauty, walnuts for intelligence, hazelnuts for wisdom, pistachios for breaking old patterns, pecans for employment, cashews for prosperity, pumpkin seeds for harmony, and sunflower seeds for strength. Next, add some dried fruit: consider raisins for fertility, cherries for attraction, blueberries for protection, cranberries for clarity, and pineapple for luck. You might also add chocolate chips for romance or colorful chocolate candy for joy. (Please don’t feel limited by these suggestions! If there’s another magical ingredient you’d like to add, go for it.)

Blend it all together, and take a final moment to empower the mix with your overall intention. Eat it alone or share it with friends.

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