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An Apple Spell for Finding Love

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Almond

Since it is apple season and these special fruits are known to be otherworldly reservoirs of magical power, they can offer us assistance in important work such as healing or finding love. An apple, when cut through the middle, usually holds a natural pentacle of five points to hold its seeds. This is perhaps one of the reasons that the fruit is linked to witchcraft. In any event, a quick, effective spell to draw love requires only a single apple.

Hold an apple with both hands and think of being in love. Mentally and emotionally conjure up feelings of joyful romance. Take a bite of the apple and keep building this vision. With each bite of apple, intensify the feeling. By eating the apple, you’re taking in the magic and responsibility of the spell. When finished, bury the core in the earth to release the magic.

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