Spark Your Creativity Spell

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Mulberry

For this spell, you’ll need a pillar candle of a color you associate with creative ideas. First, use a small blade or wooden pick to carve a fire symbol (like the icon above) on the front of the candle. Then add symbols and words of the type of creative work you wish to enhance.

Hold the candle in your hands and visualize yourself creating, with joy and ease, all the things you wish to create. Allow yourself to feel the satisfaction of having your work turn out exactly as you’d hoped it would. Then visualize your work going above and beyond your wildest dreams and hopes, to critical acclaim and popularity, to worldwide approval and praise!

Let your hands flow over the symbols on the candle, filling it with your brightest hopes. Using a simple oil (such as olive or an essential oil you like), anoint the candle if you wish, and as you light it, thank your deities for giving you creative talent, and tell yourself that you are bright and talented and can accomplish anything you desire. Blessed be. (Be sure to extinguish the candle.)

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