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Love and Lust Spell for Two

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Orchid

With your partner or lover, place the following on a small swatch of red cloth:

* A cinnamon stick (for sexual heat)
* Rose petals (for love)
* A small piece of magnetite (for attraction)
* An acorn (in honor of the god Pan)
* A small pearl (in honor of the goddess Aphrodite)

Tie the red cloth closed with a piece of red string, then seal with wax from a lit candle and anoint with ylang-ylang oil. Together with your partner, charge the magickal pouch by simultaneously holding it in your power hands and visualizing the facets of your relationship that you each want to improve.

Place the pouch between the boxspring and mattress of your bed or under a pillow so its energies can seep into your life and lovemaking. A word of caution: Pan is a great god to call upon for initiating lust, but he’s also a fertility god. Plan accordingly.

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