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Apple Seed Spell

Color of the day:  Lavender
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

Apples are often associated with love. They’re sweet and filled with juicy good stuff, just like a loving relationship. However, also like relationships, there are little seeds inside an apple that, however small and unthreatening they seem, are actually poisonous and have the potential to grow larger. The seeds are like the small, bitter things that are hidden in an otherwise happy relationship; things like disagreements about chores, petty jealousy, or other annoyances.

If you’re finding that your relationship is mostly sweet but those little foibles under the surface are threatening to become big bitter issues, try this apple seed spell.

Gather these materials:
* A bright-red, healthy apple
* A knife
* Twine

Cut the apple in two sideways to reveal the star at its center. The apple represents you and your partner. You fit together perfectly, but between the two of you are these poisonous seeds.

Remove the seeds from the apple one by one. For each seed you remove, name something you’d like to change in your relationship. Place the seeds aside in a pile.

Now put the apple halves back together and wrap them tightly with the twine. This represents that your relationship is intact, with the bitterness removed.

If possible, bury the apple in the ground. Throw the seeds in the garbage and bid them farewell. Be warned: you’re probably going to have to discuss these problems now that you’ve pulled them out into the open, but that’s healthy and necessary in a successful relationship.

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