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A New Moon Dedication of Witchery

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Alder

It’s officially October, the season of the Witch! Not only that, but it’s the new moon (or dark moon) closest to our beloved sabbat of Samhain. Utilize the introspective and emotionally- empowering energies of this new moon to declare yourself a practitioner of the arts.

This evening, venture outside where little light from the city can be seen. Spend some time gazing at the clouds, the stars, and the gorgeous cosmic scene above you. Take some deep breaths in through the nose and out the mouth, inhaling the magickal cosmic energy of the darkened moon. Declare:

I devote myself to you, Great Goddess:
she who guards the mysteries of the
universe; she who comforts the frail;
she whose arms cradle the unknown.
Mighty crone, guard and protect me
on my path, that I learn to harness
my gifts, to honor the earth, to love
and be loved. As I will, so mote it be!

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