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Remove a Ghost Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Mulberry

If you have a ghost in your house, follow these instructions in the following verse to rid yourself of your resident spirit.

When the sky is cloaked in
the black of deepest night,

Light a virgin candle, tall and white.

Place it by a mirror, gaze until the
image is no longer your own,

Say quietly, “Come, spirit, let
me show you the way home.”

Walk out into the night, carry
the candle in your hand,

Urge the spirit to move on
its way to Summerland.

As the clock strikes midnight
and the winds begin to roar,

Feast the spirit, place an
apple by your door.

The next morn, bury the
apple in an earthly plot,

Leave it be, let it spoil, let
it decay, let it rot.

May your mind be at ease,
you treated the spirit well,

It has traveled on to Summerland,
and so ends this spell.

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