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Divining with Smoke

Color of the day:  Black
Incense of the day:  Magnolia

To see the future, try this oldtime method of divining with smoke.

You’ll need:
* Some dried chrysanthemum petals or foliage, crumbled
* 1 whole clove, crushed
* A bit of cinnamon stick, grated

Begin a small fire in a heatproof container. Then sprinkle the dried herbs over the flames. As the smoke begins to rise, say this charm:

With these herbs crumbled fine,
Let me see the future
that shall be mine.
Smoke: breathe, curl, and rise,
Let my fate be revealed before my eyes.

Be open to all images you see in the rising smoke. If you wish, record them in a journal. Watch the smoke for no more than ten minutes at first. The next time you can gaze longer. Let the fire go out. When the ashes are cool, discard them outside by sprinkling them on the earth.

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