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True Friend Spell

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Narcissus

Sometimes the approaching holidays can make us feel a little lonely, particularly if our friends are busy or if they aren’t meeting our needs as well as we’d like. It might be time to add some more people to our circle of friends.

For this spell, take a medium-size clear quartz crystal and hold it in your right hand. Think about what a great friend you are—be honest with yourself about all your good qualities. When you feel that the crystal is full of your authenticity and promise, hold it up above your head and visualize a bright spotlight of energy bursting forth from it into the night sky, beckoning to those who would be the best friends for you. Chant:

I’m sending up a beacon
To pierce the darkest night.
Come see how awesome I can be!
Behold my shining light!

When the power peaks, open yourself to the feeling of having many friends who all love you truly and wish to spend time with you.

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