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The Color of Harmony

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Bay laurel

Use this spell when you’re experiencing relationship disharmony and you want to shift the energy in a more productive direction.

You’ll need two glasses of water and two shades of food coloring. Choose colors that produce a pleasing color when mixed, like yellow + blue (green), red + yellow (orange), or blue + red ( purple). The glasses do not represent the people in this situation; they represent qualities being expressed and goals that are currently at odds.

Place a few drops of each color in separate glasses. Bring the relationship dynamic to mind, and place your left hand over one glass and your right over the other as you say:

Left and right, black and white, I
call upon the power of polarity to
bring healing and balance to this
relationship. The qualities that stand
at odds are harmonized according to
the highest good, harming none.

Pour the glasses one into the other, then back and forth, blending the opposing qualities into a vibrant, beautiful new color.

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