Guiding Eye Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Almond

This spell is for when you’re unsure of which direction to take in any aspect of your life and need some spiritual guidance.

Gather these materials:
* A white candle in a holder
* A 3 x 3-inch slip of paper
* 1 whole dried bay leaf
* A marker that is the same color as your eyes
* A pin

Light the candle and write these words on the paper:

Spirit, show me the way. Open my eyes
to opportunity and joy. So mote it be.

Notice that when a bay leaf is placed sideways, it’s the shape of a human eye. Draw an iris and pupil on the leaf with a marker that is the same color as your own eyes. Then, using the pin, gently poke a hole in the center to represent the pupil opening and being able to see.

Place the leaf on the paper. Using your white candle, carefully drip a thin layer of wax over the leaf and paper, binding them. Hide this flat charm inside your phone case so it’s always with you.

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