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Deep Sleep

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

Winter’s long, dark nights can support our sleep, which benefits every aspect of our mental and physical health. Like flower bulbs beneath the cold winter soil, winter rest helps us replenish our energy before the more expansive months of spring and summer.

To support deep and restful sleep, cleanse a black tourmaline in bright sunlight, sage smoke, or running water. At bedtime, hold it in your right hand and sense its calming, grounding vibrations moving through your entire physical body, all the way to your toes, your fingers, and the crown of your head. Feel your muscles release and notice that you are safely cocooned in the crystal’s protective energy.

Continue to hold the crystal in your hand (or otherwise close to your body) as you sleep, tonight and any other night that you’d like to support your sleep. During the day, set the crystal on a bright windowsill to cleanse and recharge it in the sun.

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