Dissolving the Stress

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Lily

There are times when things seem overwhelming and we just need to rest and take the pressure off. Holiday time is usually chaotic even in the best of circumstances, but this day is also a new moon/solar eclipse in Sagittarius, so the frenzy might be at its peak. If you feel overwhelmed and in need of a break, try this quick magical technique.

If possible, burning frankincense or rosemary incense helps to enhance this work. Find a quiet place to sit and close your eyes. Envision a thin strand of light coming down from above and going straight through your body. Feel the light begin to expand, bathing and surrounding your whole body in silver-blue light. Sense this light cleansing you of any anxiety or stress. Now visualize that the light forms a protective mirrored shell around you to keep further stress at bay. It is done.

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