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Honor an Ancestor

Color of the day:  Maroon
Incense of the day:  Cedar

Maintaining an active, loving relationship with a deceased grandparent or other ancestor is a wonderful spiritual practice, and both parties (you and the ancestor) benefit. A simple but powerful way to do this is by having a dedicated ancestor altar somewhere in your space. This could be as simple as a candle placed near a framed photo, but you could also add incense, flowers, items that used to belong to the ancestor, food or drinks they enjoyed during life, perfume or soap they used to use, or anything else that reminds you of them.

Light the candle regularly as you connect with the ancestor’s spirit. The more you do this, the more available this loved one will be to help guide you, support you, and send luck and blessings your way from the other side, often in ways hilariously similar to the ways they used to help and support you during life.

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