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Yule Log Blessing

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Hyssop

Blessed Yule! Traditionally, a Yule log was burned as a symbol of the old, dark year being reborn as the fresh new cycle in the form of radiant, sparkling flames. To make this tradition your own, find yourself a nice, old log (nothing from a live tree) that will burn safely in your fireplace or fire pit. (Customarily, the log was oak.) To thank and honor the old year, anoint the log with essential oil of frankincense. To bless the new cycle and to fill it with sweetness, abundance, and luck, anoint the log with essential oil of cinnamon. (Be careful not to get any on your skin.) Place the log in the fireplace or fire pit and say:

Farewell to the old and welcome the new,
Heartfelt thanks for blessings true.
We honor now this sacred night,
When deepest darkness births the light.

Light the log and feel the magic.

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