Protect Your Sacred Space

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Lily

Today is A Room of One’s Own Day, in honor of Virginia Woolf’s birthday and her famous essay. It is observed by individuals taking time to honor their personal space in which they have the freedom to pray, study, and recharge. We often do our best studying in private spaces where we feel protected. Today, let’s work some simple magic that honors and protects our private sacred space. Take a clear quartz crystal (which also resonates with the energies of Monday), hold it up to your third eye, and recite:

My sacred space, I do declare,
A place for study,
rejuvenation, and prayer.
By power of quartz,
May my intentions be crystal clear.
Corporeal and ethereal, only
spirits of benefit may enter here.

Place the quartz near the entrance of your room.

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