End Gossip Spell

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lilac

If you’ve been the target of slander and gossip, this spell will help end it. You’ll need a blue ink pen, paper, a small freezer bag, and some water.

First, write the rumor on the paper and place it in the freezer bag. Fill the bag with enough water to cover the paper. Toss the bag into your freezer. After the water has frozen, remove the bag from the freezer. Let the bag sit on your counter, or in your sink, until the water has thawed. When thawed, hold the bag and say:

No more slander, no more lies.
Let water turn to ice.
Let ice turn to water.
Only the truth will be told hereafter.

Remove whatever is left of the paper. Throw it away or put it in a compost pile. Pour the water down a drain or on the ground. The gossip should now begin to stop.

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