New Moon Love Spell

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Myrrh

Since today is the new moon, it is a perfect time to attract new love. Fill your tub with water for a cleansing, magical bath. On the edge of the tub place rose quartz crystals to enhance unconditional love for yourself and others, along with clear quartz crystals to amplify that intention. In the bathwater, add white rose petals for purity, yellow rose petals for joy and friendship, lavender rose petals for magical enchantment, orange rose petals for passion, and red rose petals for love. Take a deep breath, relax, inhale the scent of the flowers, and soak up the divine earth love. Clear your mind and your heart, then say these words:

On this new moon night,
my love burns bright.
Attract the love to me
that is my destiny.

Remove the flower petals and place them on your altar to dry. Once they have dried, take them outside and toss them into the wind to send your wishes for love into the air.

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