The Luck of a Green-Clad Leprechaun

Color of the day:  Crimson
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

Ac cording to myth, a leprechaun’s tweed is green for those folks who like to socialize and red for those who write manifestos on the overpopulation of the human species. The red-clad leprechauns are best left alone at home, to toil away by the light of an earwax lamp. A green-clad leprechaun, however, can be anyone, anywhere, at any time; you may not even know he’s been for tea but for the simple fact that he left you lucky!

Hang a small child-size green tweed jacket by your back door to entice a lucky leprechaun to visit and bless you and your house. Keep his coat by the back door so he knows he’s welcome as one of the family. Place a sweet bun or candy in the left pocket and, if possible, a four-leaf clover in the right. Leave kind messages and three wishes for him, along with some treats to win his favor.

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