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Goddess Caffeina

Color of the day:  Red
Incense of the day:  Cedar

Teas and coffees wake us up and enliven our spirit. However, not all of us are coffee or tea drinkers. Some people grab an energy shot to begin their day.

But before you pour that liquid caffeine into your mouth, in whatever form you like best, take a moment to give thanks to the goddess Caffeina, mother of caffeinated drinks.

Before one sip of that delicious libation touches your lips, say:

Goddess Caffeina, I honor you. Unto
you, Mother Earth, I give the first sip
of this delicious drink, which stirs
my being and shakes my soul. Thank
you for the blessing of caffeine!

After you have finished saying your blessing, pour a bit of your drink onto the earth.

Now go forth and enjoy your caffeinated drink!

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