Strengthen the Bonds of Friendship

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Lilac

For this spell you will need the following materials:
* One fresh cut flower for each person in the friendship
* Several pieces of paper
* A pen
* A large, heavy book (An old dictionary or phone book works best.)
* A needle and thread

Choose a flower for each person in the friendship. Bonus points for choosing their favorite flower.

Perform the following steps for each individual involved, including yourself. Take two pieces of paper. On each, write the person’s name thirteen times. Hold the flower and focus your attention on it. Imagine that the person is emerging from the flower. Say:

By stem and petal, leaf and bud,
Unfolding flower, I name you
______ (name of person).

Place the flower between the two sheets of paper and insert them into the book. Firmly close the book.

Repeat these steps until each person has a flower in the book. Now collect the papers and sew them all together in any fashion you choose while you chant:

Friends through thick and
friends through thin.

Keep the papers and flowers hidden away.

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