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Spring Equinox

Color of the day:  Brown
Incense of the day:  Sandalwood

The center of the visible sun is directly above the earth’s equator today, bringing balance and renewal to our energetic world. Day and night are equal in length, and the power to reveal the potential of the coming season is in our hands.

Grab your favorite oracle system (tarot, oracle cards, runes, etc.) and a yellow candle of any size and something to burn it in. Then cast this spell to hone in on the spiritual themes that await you. Light the candle, take three deep breaths, and say:

No more guesses and no more tries,
Show me where the lesson lies.
Reveal the teachings meant for me,
Lift the veil so I can see.

Draw three cards or runes. The first represents your current position. The second represents the spiritual focus that is to come. The third represents what changes must be made in order to successfully move through that lesson. Allow the candle to safely burn out on its own.

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