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Grow Something

Color of the day:  Gray
Incense of the day:  Sage

As Witches and Pagans, we do our best to connect with the earth and the natural world. One of the easiest ways to do that is to grow something. It doesn’t really matter what, and there are plenty of choices no matter where you live or whether or not you have a green thumb. If you have a yard, by all means plant a flower, a vegetable garden, a bush, or a tree. But even if you only have a windowsill, you can grow an herb or two, or some beautiful flowers. If you want something to grow with your kids, you can even do something fun like grow a potato from a potato. The idea is simply to plant something in the soil, tend it, and watch it grow.

If you want to add an extra magical element, write down something you wish to have grow in your life and tuck the piece of paper into the soil. Then send your energy into that wish whenever you tend the plant.

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