Anointing Oil for Tools

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Clove

It’s that time of year when our garden tools get dusted off and put back to work. This repair oil is a good way to keep wooden handles smooth and able to endure the harsh and muddy conditions of the garden. Combine the following oils in a glass bottle with a fitted screw cap:

* 1 cup liquid coconut oil
* 8 drops frankincense essential oil
* 2 drops orange essential oil
* 3 drops holy basil essential oil
* 3 drops ylang-ylang essential oil
* 3 tablespoons liquid calendula essential oil
* 3 tablespoons jojoba essential oil

Begin by cleaning the tools very well with a solution of soapy water and vinegar. Dry them thoroughly to avoid any cracks or warped results later. Begin massaging the repair oil from the base to the tip, and do your best to think fertile and virile thoughts, as well as focused prayers to our Mother Earth. When done, store the tools for the next use and enjoy another season of splinter-free gardening.

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