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Healing the Earth

Color of the day:  Indigo
Incense of the day:  Ivy

Today is World Environment Day. Work some magic to heal the earth. Druids considered oak to be a sacred tree, so plant an oak today. In the eastern United States, choose red or white oak. In the mountains, scrub oak grows. In the South and on the West Coast, pick live oak. In the North, bur oak thrives. For marshy areas, try swamp white oak. For dry, sandy soil, try scarlet oak.

Plant your oak in a sunny, open area. Dig a big hole and put in the sapling. Mix plenty of compost into the loose soil, then pack it around the roots. Top with a layer of mulch, preferably composted oak leaves. Then say:

Tree of life, I give life to you so that
you may give life to the forest.

Water the sapling thoroughly. Then say:

Water of life, may you
give life to the oak.

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