A Queer Love Spell

Color of the day:  Scarlet
Incense of the day:  Bayberry

It’s LGBTQ+ Pride month, and as an outspoken member of that community, I would like to offer this Queer Love Spell. (Straight people can use this too! Just alter the symbolism to fit your desired relationship.)

Gather these materials:
* Your computer and printer
* Paper
* Tape or glue
* Colored markers
* A candle and holder (extra points for a rainbow candle, but any color will do)

Decide on an appropriate symbol to represent each person in the relationship. For example, men might choose the astrological symbol for Mars, since it traditionally represents male, including one for each person. Women might choose Venus, representing female. Trans and nonbinary individuals might combine these. Or you could choose more personal symbols such as favorite animals, comic book characters, pop-culture icons, etc.

Print these symbols and arrange them with tape or glue onto a piece of paper, forming a collage and leaving the center clear. Use markers to draw a rainbow heart in the center, a symbol for our diverse community. Place the candle in the holder within the heart. Light the candle and say:

Hidden light and hidden love,
Into my life here be now drawn.

Let the candle burn down safely.

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