Happy Independence Day

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Heliotrope

Today is Independence Day in the United States. Children are out of school, many people are on vacation, and baseball season is in full swing.

For this spell you will need:
* 3 chime (four-inch) candles: red, white, and blue
* Some Florida Water, which is readily available in botanicas and spiritual supply stores
* Olive oil
* 3 fireproof candleholders

Cleanse your candles with Florida Water, then anoint them with olive oil. Place them in their holders.

Light the red candle for veterans who suffer from PTSD and for whom fireworks can be extremely triggering.

Light the white candle for any independence you have achieved from things that no longer serve you.

Light the blue candle for fur babies, especially dogs who get scared of the sound of fireworks.

Allow your candles to safely burn down, or you can snuff them out and repeat this spell next year.

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