The Calm After the Storm

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Rosemary

In the United States, the Fourth of July is a holiday celebrated with parties and loud fireworks. For many, the fifth of July comes as something of a relief after all that noise and commotion. For most of us, holidays are fun, but it is in the silence after the upheaval that we find our footing again. Life is all about that balance— the ups and downs, the celebrations and the daily rituals that sustain us. Like the darkness and the light, it is the contrast that makes us appreciate what we have.

Take a moment today, and on any other days during the year that follow a holiday or commotion, and be grateful for the quiet times that fall in between and help us keep our balance. Light a black candle and a white candle on a firesafe surface and say:

Joyous noise,
Peaceful silence.
Life is all about the balance.
May I find my own balance
through them both.

Snuff out the candles when you’re done.

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