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A Charm to Inspire Summer Projects

Color of the day:  Purple
Incense of the day:  Jasmine

For many of us, summer is a joyful period of increased freedom. Many schools are on break, more people go on vacation, and even work atmospheres may feel more relaxed. Now is the perfect time to go on an adventure, find new romance, take up a new hobby, or otherwise spice up your life with the creative, fresh energy of the season.

To ensure that a new summer project is successful or to draw inspiration and adventure into your life, take a square of yellow fabric and place in the center a sprig of peppermint, some basil leaves, three shiny pennies, and a piece of citrine or clear quartz. Place your hands over the mixture and imagine yourself happy and optimistic. When you’re ready, bring the ends of the fabric to the center and tie them with a piece of green string. Carry the charm in a pocket or in your purse.

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