A Prayer to a Salamander

Color of the day:  White
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle

As alamander is a point of consciousness within the element of fire. When we tap into that consciousness, they can assist us in becoming invigorated and transformed.

For this spell you will need these materials:
* A piece of unlined paper
* A pen
* A fireplace or firepit (or a red candle in a firesafe cauldron)
* Some ground cinnamon

Write a prayer to a salamander for something that needs extra energy in your life. Then, at the peak of the sun, light a fire (or light the candle). Face south and imagine that the light and heat of the sun are permeating your skin. Contemplate the fire element. Imagine that you can perceive within the flame little beings dancing here and there. Maintain this imagery as you sprinkle some of the cinnamon over the flame as you chant seven times:

Burning bright,
The blazing light.
The flames that dance.
The flames empower.

Carefully burn the paper in the flames. Watch it burn away to ash, transformed by the fire.

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