Portable Happy Place

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Carnation

We all have happy places here and there, outdoor spots that make us feel safe and peaceful. Maybe it’s a favorite trail in a park, a childhood haunt, or an area of town that brings back happy memories. Next time you visit your own happy place, gather a little bit of dirt or some pebbles from the ground and put them in a tiny jar or envelope that you can carry.

Anytime you feel uneasy or overwhelmed, no matter where you are, pinch some of the earth from the jar or envelope between your fingers and rub them together. Focus on the movement of the grit against your skin and how it activates the peaceful vibrations in the dirt. Allow the vibrations to flow through the dirt, up your fingers, and all through your body in the form of calming white light.

You can do this anywhere, even in crowds, when you need a sense of calm.

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