Eleven Eleven

Color of the day:  Rose
Incense of the day:  Alder

Today is the 204th day of the year and the 23rd day of the month of July. By using a bit of numerology, we arrive at the master number eleven. Many people view the number eleven as an activation number for spiritual enlightenment.

For this rite, you’ll need a white candle in a fireproof container, a black cloth, and eleven stones or crystals.

At nightfall, place your candle in the fireproof container in the center of the black cloth. Place your eleven stones in a circle around the candle. Say:

By the light of the moon,
By the power of night,
By the number eleven,
My dreams and wishes take flight.

Allow the candle to safely burn down. Place the stones on your altar or in a special place where they can remind you of the power of the full moon and the number eleven.

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