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Friendship Magic

Color of the day:  Pink
Incense of the day:  Violet

Today is International Day of Friendship. Devote some time to your relationships. Each relationship is like a bank account. When you do nice things for a friend, you deposit energy in the account. When you ask for favors or make mistakes, you withdraw energy from the account. A healthy relationship should have a well-balanced give-and-take of energy.

Gather together some polished rose quartz pebbles, a stone of friendship. Name each stone for someone special in your life. Meditate on your relationship with each person as you hold their stone. How balanced is your relationship? Have you done too much for it, or too little?

Most relationships can benefit from investing more energy in them. To improve the balance, choose several small actions or one larger action to perform. Carry the stone(s) with you until you feel that you have balanced that relationship. You may give the stones to your friends or cleanse the stones and put them back in your working tools.

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