Hurry Up and Get Slow

Color of the day:  Coral
Incense of the day:  Vanilla

Timing is everything. Sometimes we just need to slow things down in order to catch our breath.

For this spell you will need a pen or pencil, a thick, plain white paper plate, and a jar of molasses (or honey).

Think of something that you wish to slow down. Maybe it’s a check that threatens to clear your account before payday, or how about a relationship that is going great but maybe just a bit too fast for your comfort.

On the paper plate, write down the thing that you wish to slow, or create a sigil to represent it. Slowly pour the molasses over it while repeatedly chanting in a low, slow almost-whisper:

Fast as a season for lovers apart,
Slow as molasses, slow as molasses.

Put the plate in your freezer until you no longer need to maintain influence over the issue, at which time you can bury the plate in a suitable place.

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