Acorn Home Protection Spell

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Almond

Oak trees are common throughout much of the US and Europe and have long been associated with wisdom, abundance, strength, longevity, and the changing season. Oak energy is deep and protective, and acorns are a great way to easily call upon that energy in your daily life.

For this spell, collect ten acorns. If you don’t have access to acorns, you may choose other strong-feeling trees that are dropping nuts or fruits at this time of year and ask for their aid. Once you have collected ten, hold them in your hands and imagine a ring of protective trees growing strong around your home. Say:

My home is a fortress shielded in
strength. Wisdom and love are
abundant in this sacred grove, and all
are protected from harm. So mote it be.

Bury the acorns in a ring around your property or apartment building (or even your whole town, if you want to go big!). You may also simply place them in the corners of your home or room, if your space is small.

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