Full Moon in Pisces Tea Charm

Color of the day:  Silver
Incense of the day:  Clary sage

The full moon today is in one of the most auspicious signs for magic, mysticism, and all things psychic—Pisces! It’s the perfect time to perform acts of divination, to cross the hedge, to practice soul and astral body travel, and to listen to your instincts. Your magic today should reflect your internal needs at the moment, as Pisces makes us pay attention to such things. To help make those clear, here is a tea charm.

In a teacup, add one tablespoon of dried lavender, one whole small apple (cored and diced), a pinch of clove, and a tablespoon of honey. Fill with boiling water three-quarters of the way and let steep for five minutes. Before sipping, draw a pentacle over the cup in the air with your index finger and say:

Reveal to me the true desires within.

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