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Into the Dark Spell

Color of the day:  Green
Incense of the day:  Myrrh

Now we enter the dark season. This is the time to get rid of any problems in your life—bad habits, relationships, jobs, etc. Perform this spell after dark. You’ll need a silver ink pen or marker, a sheet of black construction paper, a heatproof container or cauldron, and a black candle.

First, write your problem on the paper. Read it aloud. Next, tear the paper into pieces and place them in the container/cauldron. Then safely light the candle. Now ignite the paper scraps with the candle flame as you say:

Hear me, season of the dark.
Consume my problems with this spark.
Paper, burn until you turn to ash.
Now I’m free of this problem at last!

When the ashes cool, throw them outside on the ground or in the trash. Extinguish the candle. When it’s cool, throw it away.

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