Beans of Success

Color of the day:  Yellow
Incense of the day:  Honeysuckle

Today is National Coffee Day. Take time to celebrate this beverage of the gods. Coffee is an entheogen, opening connections to the divine. You may have heard it personified as the goddess Caffeina. It expands awareness, quickens thought, and hones focus. It also energizes the body. Coffee enables people to do many things that would be much harder without it. For this reason, it corresponds with success.

For this spell you will need a bag of coffee beans or ground coffee, whichever you prefer. (A plastic pod won’t work, as plastic tends to insulate against magic.) Open the bag and smell the beans. Concentrate on how even the smell of coffee helps you wake up and focus. Then say:

Caffeina, goddess of coffee, bless
these beans with the power of
success. When I drink of your brew,
may I become alert and capable.

Visualize the energy in the beans. Then seal the bag and brew a cup whenever you need to boost your success.

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