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Firewood Spell

Color of the day:  Orange
Incense of the day:  Hyacinth

The fire element spreads its symbolic colors over the trees when their leaves change in autumn. It is an element we need more and more as the weather cools. Some people have a woodstove, a fireplace, or a firepit. For them, autumn is a time to cut and haul firewood or order a load to be delivered.

Here is a spell to keep your woodpile safe from pests or moisture and maximize the energy from it. You will need a stick of incense, preferably a woody scent such as pine, cedar, or sandalwood. You will also need a small piece of wood from your woodpile.

Safely light the incense and wave the wood through the smoke. Then say:

Fire spirits, bless this wood. Keep
it safe from insects that nibble and
mice that gnaw. Keep it dry from
rain that dribbles and snow that
drifts. May it burn bright and hot
to warm my days once I light it.

Then return the piece of wood to the woodpile.

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